Product Guarantee

"Wood Furniture Supplier" puts customers satisfaction and long term cooperation as the first priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your furniture bought from us, we give you warranty. However, all claims are subject to these following terms and conditions: 
1. Claims submission will be evaluated on case by case basis. 
2. The guarantee will be valid as follows:
  * Claim submission is valid until 1 month after receiving container. 
  * The connections or wood joints are broken or out of order. 
  * Non wood hardware (brass, screw, dowel, or others) are broken, missing or rusty. 
  * The wood is covered with mold, or you get it wet. 
3. The claimant must provide proof of the broken goods. He/She must issue the report by providing digital photos or other images that show the damage. All are posted by email or airmail and enclosed the reasons with such a clear enlightenment. 
4. The guarantee does not cover if the claims are: 
  * Not supported with details and photos  
  * Not related to purchasing data.
  * Caused by wrong assembly.
  * Caused by mistreatment. 
  * Caused by improper unloading from container. 
  * Caused by disaster, terrorism, fire, flood, or any other related actions.
  * Caused by empty space in the container as customers request 
5. "Wood Furniture Supplier" will replace any goods which is proved to have a manufacturers defect. They will be replaced in the next order. All items covered under this guarantee are by replacement only and we do not give any refunds.